LX Series Forklift

Engineered specifically for medium duty cycles up to 1000 hours per year

When you need a dependable, productive lift truck designed for your application, look no further than the Yale LX Series of lift trucks. These streamlined, easy-to-operate trucks feature excellent fuel economy and carefully considered ergonomics designed for the comfort of your operator, all at a budget-friendly price point.

Efficiency is the name of the game, and these trucks deliver—starting with fuel economy. The LX series is driven by a PSI 2.4L industrial engine carefully selected to deliver strong performance while using less fuel. The LX series is engineered for productivity and agility. Every truck is built with an electronically controlled powershift transmission for smooth direction changes. We’ve designed these trucks to be compact and easy to maneuver, so they are as agile in tight spaces as in open ones. Responsive, operator-selectable electronically controlled inching adjustments give the operator better control over load positioning. An optional integral sideshifter allows the load to be optimally positioned.

The LX series lift trucks strike the perfect balance between productivity and value. They get the job done while using less fuel than the leading competitors.

SKU #: GC050LX, GP050LX, GP20-25LX

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Ergonomic features that provide operator comfort and operational efficiency:

  • Isolated powertrain and full suspension seat result in low whole body vibration levels
  • Comfortable operator compartment with clear unobstructed foot space
  • Easy 3 point entry and low step height of 38cms provides easy on and off access
  • Infinitely adjustable steering column, ergonomically positioned seat and controls within easy reach for the most comfortable operating position 

Performance features that deliver efficient handling and high levels of productivity:

  • Electronically controlled powershift transmission for fast efficient load handling
  • Electronically controlled inching for responsive control when load positioning
  • Continuous stability enhancement system (CSE) provides operating confidence resulting from the outstanding lateral stability when travelling over uneven ground surfaces and when cornering

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