Drum Clamps

KAUP Drum Clamps are used to transport all kind of drums palletless and in a safe way with forklifts.

The extensive and many-sided drum clamp program of KAUP encloses attachments which clamp, tip and turn single drums. Other attachments can carry up to four drums pre and side by side. The wide port folio is complemented by special solutions for the transport of special drums, by slip-on drum arms and drum tipping arms for already existing fork clamps.

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Advantages of the KAUP Drum Clamps:

  • Robust construction of T-profiles and C-profiles for the highest stability and long operation durations
  • Easy assembly
  • Construction friendly to servicing and friendly to service
  • Adaptation of the instep arms to the application case
  • Combination with other attachments possibly

Possible operational areas:

  • Breweries
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry

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