COMBi C-Series

Safe multi directional handling of long loads

The C-Series Combilift product range is available in both LP Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered engines. The models have a range of mast options with lift heights up to 9m and lift capacities up to 25,000kg. The C-Series Combilift can work in guided aisles as narrow as 210cm.

At the core of the Combi C-Series is the original Combilift C4000 – the world’s first IC engine powered, all-wheel drive multi directional forklift. Launched in 1998, the C-Series can change the direction of its wheels to move forwards, backwards and sideways and changed the face of materials handling at an unmatched pace in the industry. The additional benefits of space optimisation and enhanced productivity have made the Combi C-Series a best seller around the world. 

Safety is paramount and never more so than when long, heavy and potentially dangerous loads such as steel beams need to be transported around the warehouse, yard or production facilities. Combilift has made a significant contribution to safer handling procedures: the models of the Combi C-Series have integrated platforms with a low center of gravity which provides a very stable base. Long loads can be rested on the platform, eliminating the need for risky high level travel. The C-Series Combilifts are designed with a moving mast system that extends to lift the load and retracts, allowing the product to rest on the platform.

Working as "three machines in one” – counterbalance, side loader and narrow aisle trucks, the Combi C-Series models are prized for their robust, no nonsense build and their ability to work to grueling schedules, indoors and out in all weather conditions. Incorporating the highest quality standard components on the market but with a minimum of sensitive electronic parts, they are easy to maintain for long life operation with excellent ROI.

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