Aerial Work Platform

Durable, Versatile and Efficient

The Yale AEREO™ aerial work platform is a highly versatile unit, suitable for almost any industry. With a 450 lb. capacity and 19.5 foot lift height, the AWP can be used for a variety of functions, from manufacturing to retail environments.

The vehicle has a large variety of uses such as warehousing, transporting materials and supplies, inventory maintenance, distribution, stock picking, restocking, facility maintenance, retail displays, rental market, and more.

The Yale AEREO™ AWP is designed with a spacious compartment for operator comfort and storage space. A conventional compartment door that hinges inward and low step height give easy entry into the vehicle. The door includes a positive retention, spring-loaded latch at the top of the gate. On the lower door hinge, a proximity sensor locks product function if the door is not in the proper operating position.

The railing, constructed of structural grade steel tubing, secures the operator inside the compartment. Anti-slip floor surface helps to give the operator more traction. Two operator harness attachment points are provided.


More Information

·        Dual AC traction motors
·        Heavy duty mast and frame
·        Competitive warranty
·        CANbus control system
·        Wireless asset management  

·        Hinged rear service doors
·        Two diagnostic access points
·        Yale iSi Technology™
·        Easy access components
·          Guaranteed Availability Program   
Premium Package                          
·        Object/pedestrian sensing system

·        Proportional drive and steer
·        Zero-turn radius
·        Intuitive return to center design
·        On-board charge port
·        Object tray sensor
·        Mast elevation sensor
·        Mode selector switch
·        Tilt sensor  

·        Compartment door hinges inward
·        Steel railing
·        Anti-slip floor
·        Multifunction control handle
·        Operator presence sensor
·        Upper and lower control panels

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