Burden Carriers

When versatility in load capacities, optional configurations, and performance is required, look no further than Taylor-Dunn's line of burden carriers. Our burden carriers handle loads up to 6,400 lbs., transport up to six people, and tow up to 20,000 lbs. Offering unitized bodies, 16-gauge steel frames, and automotive differentials for strength and reliability, Taylor-Dunn's burden carriers are the perfect solution for your application.

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Products available in the Burden Carrier range include:


The Taylor-Dunn MX-1600 is a product solution designed to move a repairman, tool chest, and workbench to down equipment in less than one third of the time required by conventional methods.
The MX-1600 improves repair and maintenance productivity by reducing travel time and provides a mobile workshop at the service site.
Equipped with 36-volt battery system, the MX-1600 can travel up to 12 mph. With an all welded steel unitized body and frame this traveling repair shop is built to service for many years.

G-1500 Bigfoot Gas

The G-1500 gasoline-powered Bigfoot is an outdoor utility vehicle used to carry personnel, tow loads and carry loads. You get the same ergonomic comfort in a Bigfoot that can travel up to 100 miles.
Standard features include large operator's compartment, tilt steering, contoured sliding adjustable bucket seats, all which increases legroom and reduces operator fatigue.


Taylor-Dunn's new line of Bigfoot electric vehicles has a 10 inch larger operator's compartment, adjustable seats, and tilted steering wheel for improved legroom and operator comfort.
Additional standard features include our GT Drive system, 48 volt AC power, hydraulic disc brakes, regenerative braking, Smart View display, recessed tie-downs, 12 gauge smooth skin, unitized steel body, LED lighting, cupholders, and a heavy duty all gear drive train that ensures reliability and low maintenance costs. This vehicle can be configured to tow 17,500 pounds.


The C-415 is designed to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution to your narrow aisle material handling requirements. This vehicle is compact and manoeuvrable yet still carries up to 2,000 pounds.
The C-415 is built with heavy duty side panels to stand up to narrow aisle operations. The side and rear panels are 1/4-inch steel plates welded to a heavy duty frame. The driver's position affords the increased visibility so critical in tight spaces. 


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