Electric Trams and Trailers

"ET” Trams are unique solutions for the safest and most economical ways to transport your customers or employees. Equipped with T9-41 or T9-42 passenger trailers, they can transport over 3030poeple in a single trip.  Low step height, increased viability, and all seats facing forward make the E-Tran one solution for transporting personnel.  The BT-280 is designed to carry passengers back to back when the side seating configuration is preferred.  

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Products available in the Electric Tram range include:


The TC-50E is an 80 volt  AC powered electric tow tractor that has 3,000-5,000 pounds (1,361 to 2,268 kgs) of drawbar pull. With its low profile and compact design, the TC-50E AC provides excellent visibility and ergonomics for optimal driving capability. The tractor provides steel unibody frame construction for durability and reliability.
This tractor is equipped with a Parallel Motor drive axle, 26.8 hp motor and travels at 15 miles per hour. Four-wheel hydraulic braking system and hydrostatic power steering, coupled with 144 inch turning radius make this vehicle a highly manoeuvrable machine. The TC-50E is equipped with rear control buttons for inching up to intended loads. 

BT-280 48V AC

Designed to move personnel in either industrial or commercial applications, when equipped with 9- or 12-passenger trailers, the E-Tram can carry over 30 people in a single trip.
Equipped with a 48 volt GT drive train, the E-Tram can travel up to 11 mph for a range up to 24 miles on a single charge.
Low step height and increased visibility while traveling at low speeds in congested areas make the E-Tram an ideal solution for your personnel moving applications.
Low noise and zero pollution accompanied with low operating and maintenance costs make the E-Tram the most cost effective solution when compared to its gasoline alternatives. 


Taylor-Dunn's T-941 is a 9-passenger trailer designed for use with the BT-280 E-Tram personnel carrier.


Taylor-Dunn's T-942 is a 12-passenger trailer designed for use with the BT-280 E-Tram personnel carrier.

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