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Taylor-Dunn understands that getting people to where they need to go is vital to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Whether you need to move a single individual or a thirty-person team, you can depend on Taylor-Dunn personnel carriers to get your group there in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.

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Products available in the personnel carriers range include:


The model SS-534 provides personnel transportation for executive, supervisors, security, maintenance, mail carriers and other workers whose jobs keeps them on the go.
The versatile design of the SS-534 allows users to convert the vehicle from personnel carrier to burden carrier in a matter of seconds. This vehicle can carry up to two people or 500 lbs. of load on the job site. 
With its three wheel short turning radius design, The SS-534 can maneuver dependably around warehouses, industrial complexes, resorts, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and other commercial complexes.

Bigfoot Ambulance 36V/48V

This vehicle is perfect for sporting events, convention centers and in underground plants and facilities where traveling safely and fume-free is essential.
This 36 volt personnel carrier is equipped with a 7.5 hp AC motor, our own GT Drive, built-in charger with driver seat safety interlock switch, and rear hydraulic brakes.
This 48 volt personnel carrier is equipped with a 12.5 hp AC motor, our own GT Drive, built-in charger with driver seat safety interlock switch, and rear hydraulic brakes.


When being first class is your competitive advantage, the FT-280 Aristocrat series of personnel and burden carriers is an excellent choice for your hospitality needs. Style, comfort and reliability are second to none in the industry.
The FT-280 is available in a flat bed or 8-passenger configuration.
The Aristocrat's short wheel base design, combined with 24:1 steering gear, provides ease of maneuver-ability in congested areas. Equipped with standard front and rear shock absorbers, they provide passenger comfort during daily operations.

R-380 48V GT

The R-380 Roadmaster is designed to provide the ultimate versatility in today's work environment.  This vehicle utilizes 16 gauge steel uni-body design that ensures years of service in rugged applications.
The R-380 48V GT is equipped with a 48 volt GT drive train that provides speeds up to 15 mph. Equipped standard with automatic charger, solid state speed controller, safety seat switch and 8.8 hp DC motor, the R-380 48V GT is the best value in its class of vehicles.
Configured with fold down 4 passenger seating, the R-380 can be used as a personnel or burden carrier during daily operations. Equipped with factory-installed steel cabin and doors, this vehicle ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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