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Power solutions: is Lithium-ion right for you?

Alternative power solutions are a rapidly growing aspect of the materials handling industry as customers become increasingly guided by the environmental impact of their choices.Yale offers a wide range of solutions from internal combustion engines to lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.Lithium-ion is becoming more commercially viable for a wide range of industries, who benefit from increased productivity and lower total costs of ownership....

September 18, 2019

Yale to exhibit robotics solutions in the UK for the first time at IMHX

Yale Europe Materials Handling will appear at IMHX 2019 alongside its UK distributor, Briggs Equipment.Yale will showcase its robotics solutions for the first time in the UK at the intralogistics event, taking place on 24 – 27 September in Birmingham.Industry experts will be on hand to discuss alternative power options and solutions for optimising warehouse space and boosting productivity.Yale Europe Materials Handling is set to exhibit at intralogistics event IMHX 2019 on 24 – 27 Septe...

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