4-Wheel Electric Cushion Tyre Truck

Minimal Forklift Maintenance with Maximum Efficiency

The ERC045-070VG four-wheel electric forklift truck is one of the most operator-friendly lift trucks in the industry. Its ergonomic design maximises productivity and reduces operator fatigue and downtime.

Designed for indoor use, this versatile lift truck comes with lower maintenance costs and is easy to service due to the highly efficient AC traction and hydraulic motors. Between the lower operating expenses, reduced maintenance costs, extended maintenance intervals and increased throughput, the ERC045-070VG provides outstanding productivity and cost savings.

From tough, short shuttle applications or long runs, to ramp usage, the ERC-VG is built for varied applications. Adjustable performance parameters allow for customization to the specific needs of the application or the operator.

SKU #: ERC045-070VG

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Available in 36V, 48V and 80V, ERC-VG trucks are designed to meet and exceed your application requirements. All models come standard with cool-running, low-maintenance AC traction and hydraulic motors.

Ergonomic and productivity features include:

·        Performance and productivity are standard equipment on every Yale® truck. With the ERC-VG series, increased productivity and cost savings are achieved through lower truck operating expenses, reduced maintenance costs, extended maintenance intervals, and increased throughput.

·        Operator comfort enhances productivity and reduces fatigue. With maximized visibility, smooth, precise mast positioning, low-effort steering, and ‘human-engineered’ operating controls, everything about these trucks makes them easy to operate.

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