Load Backrest & Load Stabilizer

Different kinds of transport loads such as cardboard packaging, timber, sheets of metal or grate boxes can be stabilized and secured with KAUP Load Backrests & Stabilizers for in-plant handling and transportation.

All KAUP Multi-Pallet Handlers can be fitted or combined with different load stabilizers as required, exactly specified to the load where palletised goods must be secured during transportation with a forklift truck to prevent the load from slipping when going around corners or driving over uneven ground. A multitude of KAUP Multi-Pallet Handlers fitted with Load Stabilizers are used, for example, in the beverage industry for loading crates stacked on a pallet. KAUP Load Stabilizers can be designed to meet every customer's requirement.

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Advantages of KAUP Load Backrests & Load Stabilizers:

·        Extremely high stability

·        Simple and quick assembly

·        Excellent visibility conditions

·        Combination of numerous different attachments possible

Possible Operational Areas:

·        All branches of industry

·        Paper industry

·        Beverage industry

·        Construction industry

·        Metal and engineering industry

·        Wholesale and warehouse shipping

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