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Making Short Work of Long Loads

Our customers asked us to complement our original Combi C-Series by providing more manoeuvrable and versatile side loaders to fill a gap in the market – so we acted on feedback to develop the Combi-SL range. This incorporates multi-directional three-wheeled side loaders and two-directional four-wheeled models, all of which feature the highest-quality components and innovative technology to offer powerful performance and dependable operation in even the most demanding applications.

The multi-directional abilities of the 4-tonne, 5-tonne or 6-tonne capacity three-wheel models offer numerous benefits over traditional side loaders in that they are extremely manoeuvrable, can work in narrow aisles, and are able to block or bulk stack for better space utilisation. Features such as the rubber mounted cab, all-wheel hydrostatic drive, load sensing steering, plus of course a choice of customised options such as reverse cab position or front access cab, enable you to tailor your Combi-SL to your exact requirements.

For operations that require robust and fast operation when moving product across extensive sites, the four-wheeled, two-directional model fits the bill. Overheating during prolonged operation is a common problem with many side loaders, but the JCB differential axle technology incorporated in these models counteracts any risk of this. Furthermore, the ultra-clean Deutz engine without DPF reduces maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and ensures cleaner emissions. Drivers are assured of a comfortable ride throughout their shift thanks to the spacious cab with deep suspension seat and adjustable steering column.

This hydrostatic all-wheel drive truck differentiates itself from the traditional sit-down side loaders by offering operators the opportunity to drive in four directions.

The Combilift SL allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior manoeuvrability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards.

Features Include:

  • Rubber-mounted half-open cabin
  • Multi-directional operation
  • 3-wheel hydrostatic drive
  • Load-sensing steering
  • 4-way lever positioning of wheels
  • Hydraulic oil cooler

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