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Narrow Aisle Indoor/Outdoor Capability

When space is at an absolute premium, such as in stockholding facilities for steel, metal, tubes, uPVC extrusions and so on, the lean machines of the Combi-ST/GT stand-on ranges are a popular choice as the narrow cab design enables operation in extremely narrow aisles. And what’s more, platform lengths can be customised to fit existing narrow aisle facilities.

Reduced on-site storage costs coupled with the ability to adapt stock density to growing demand are just some of the advantages of the Combi-ST/GT models, which were developed in response to market requirements for robust and reliable stand-on side loaders which can manoeuvre long loads indoors and out. The option of guided aisle operation is taken up by many customers, making it very quick to enter the aisles and easy to steer down them, whilst greatly reducing the risk of damage to both product and racking.

When operators are required to do a lot of picking, the cab’s design makes it quick and easy to enter and exit on a regular basis compared with ride-on forklifts, and the option of a folding seat offers further levels of comfort.

Both models are of course available with a wide variety of lift heights, load capacities and customised attachments, with a choice of LPG, diesel, or electric power. The Combi-GT is a two-way side loader which can work in aisle-widths of just 1.27 metres, and the Combi-ST models offer multi-directional operation. Another popular option with the Combi-ST is the sit-down cabin with diagonal seat, which offers superb operator comfort without comprising on aisle widths.

Combi-ST Advantages:

  • 2500kg – 3000kg capacity
  • Multi-directional
  • Available in LPG, diesel or electric
  • Extensive range of lift heights up to 6.5 metres
  • Stand-up operator
  • Sit-down operator as option
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide range of custom attachments available

Combi-GT Advantages:

  • 3000kg – 4500kg capacity
  • Designed for narrow aisle applications
  • Available in LPG, diesel or electric
  • Ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Extensive range of lift heights up to 8.5 metres
  • Wide range of custom attachments available
  • Customised platform length
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