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Bolzoni Auramo


Bolzoni Auramo Block & Brick Clamps are used worldwide for the non-palletised transportation of all kinds of industrially-manufactured blocks and bricks. They grip packets of bricks from the side and are therefore suitable for the handling of packets of upright-format blocks with plane surfaces such as hollow, lime, sand, and concrete blocks, as well as curb stones.

However, the ideal Block or Brick Clamp can be configured to nearly every individual purpose. How? With the extensive Bolzoni Auramo Block & Brick Clamp program, and the possibility to adapt Bolzoni Auramo attachments to suit nearly every individual working application.

Advantages of Bolzoni Auramo Block & Brick Clamps:

  • Solid design with T-profiles and C-profiles for highest stability and long operation
  • Service and maintenance friendly construction
  • All Block & Brick Clamps with toe-in
  • SOFT-STOP end-of-stroke slow down and SMOOTH-ROLL bottom hooks with compact rollers serially for all models
  • Block & Brick Clamps can be combined with all other KAUP attachments, e.g. rotators

Possible Operational Areas:

  • Building and construction industries
  • Landscaping
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