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Bolzoni Auramo


Bolzoni Auramo Drum Clamps are used to transport all kind of drums palletless, and in a safe way, with forklifts.

The extensive and multiple-sided drum clamp program of Bolzoni Auramo encloses attachments which clamp, tip and turn single drums. Other attachments can carry up to four drums side-by-side. The wide portfolio is complemented by special solutions for the transport of special drums, by slip-on drum arms and drum tipping arms for already existing fork clamps.

Advantages of Bolzoni Auramo Drum Clamps:

  • Robust construction of T-profiles and C-profiles for the highest stability and long operation durations
  • Easy assembly
  • Construction is friendly to servicing and friendly to service
  • Adaptation of the instep arms to the application case
  • Possible combination with other attachments

Possible Operational Areas:

  • Breweries
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
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