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Bolzoni Auramo


Bolzoni Auramo Push-Pulls units are a part of the Bolzoni Auramo Pusher range of products. They enable transportation of loads with inexpensive and place saving slip-sheets which are usually made of plastic or cardboard. This Bolzoni Auramo attachment makes expensive and unwieldy wooden pallets superfluous, and optimal economical loading of overseas containers possible.

Advantages of Bolzoni Auramo Push-Pulls:

  • Extremely high stability
  • Scissor system for all attachments in this range
  • Self-supporting pushing mechanism – no further support required
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Maintenance and service friendly design

Possible Operational Areas:

  • Building industry – cement sacks
  • Beverage industry – bottles and beverage can logistics
  • Agriculture – sacks of seeds
  • Food industry
  • Consumer goods industry – brown goods
  • Logistic of cartons and sacked goods
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