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KAUP Rotators are the right choice to turn loads, to empty containers, to tip recumbent loads on a pallet, or to put up a recumbent load. These attachments can be equipped with fork carriages as well as forks. In addition, they are the base for numerous rotating attachment combinations.

Beside the normal versions of Rotators, KAUP also has special variations for the fishing economy and for foundries on offer.

With the Ladle Tipper of KAUP, different foundry ladles can be taken up, transported, and emptied to the left, right and forwards.

Advantages of KAUP Rotators:

  • Robust construction, friendly to servicing and friendly to service
  • Good residual capacity
  • Many application possibilities
  • Serially load-carrying capacity up to 25 tonnes – on inquiry up to 50 tonnes
  • Optional limitation of the rotation

Possible Operational Areas:

  • Branch-covering application – for example, in recycling industry, foundries, food industry, textile industry, iron industry and metal industry
  • Turns of transport property
  • Emptying of containers - boxes or grid boxing etc.
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