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Sideshifters are the most common attachments found on forklift trucks. Depending on the capacity of the truck, sideshifters allow lateral shift of the load from ± 100mm up to ± 160mm. This saves time and increases manoeuvrability. With the so-called Container Sideshifter, even larger lateral sideshift stroke is possible.

KAUP has two different versions of Sideshifters in their product range – a hook-on version and an integrated version.

KAUP Sideshifters can be combined with numerous other KAUP attachments and thus considerably increases the application possibilities.

Advantages of KAUP Sideshifters:

  • Very good visibility conditions
  • Very simple and quick assembly
  • Equal shifting force and speed in both directions
  • SOFTSTOP end-of-stroke slow down and SMOOTHROLL bottom hooks with compact rollers available for several models
  • Patented QUICKSEAL cylinder for quick exchange of seal kits without tools
  • Use of greaseable, highly wear-resistant EASYSLIDE sliding pads with excellent sliding characteristics possible

Possible Operational Areas:

  • All branches of industry
  • All forms of pallet handling
  • Container loading in harbours
  • Loading and unloading of trucks
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