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Taylor-Dunn's commercial vehicles move people and carry lighter loads with economy and convenience for both industrial and commercial applications. Offering a range of two, four, six, or eight-passenger models, our commercial vehicles are quiet and environmentally-friendly solutions for common indoor and outdoor people-moving applications.

Products available in the Commercial Vehicle range include:

BT-280 36V GT

The BT-280 is designed to move personnel in an industrial or commercial application. When equipped with 9 or 12-passenger trailers, the BT-280 can carry over 30 people in a single trip.

Equipped with a 36V GT drive train, BT-280 36V GT can travel at speeds of 17km/h, while providing a range of 38 kilometres in a single charge.

Low step height and increased visibility while traveling at low speeds in congested areas make BT-280 an ideal solution for your personnel moving applications.  Low noise and zero pollution accompanied with low operating and maintenance costs make BT-280 the most cost-effective solution when compared to its gasoline alternatives.


The B-100 is designed to provide practicality and convenience in both industrial and commercial applications. With its standard four-passenger, forward-facing seating configuration, it is the most economical personnel carrier in its class.

The vehicle utilizes a reinforced tubular steel chassis with an all-smooth steel body. The B-100 incorporates a 36V drive train with solid state controls that provide speeds up to 19km/h while carrying up to 360kg. Its lightweight body design is turf-friendly and practical for today's indoor and outdoor applications.


The B-125 is designed to provide a practical solution for utility vehicle applications in the commercial and industrial market. Whether your application is carrying light loads or moving people, the B-125 meets your needs.

This vehicle utilizes a reinforced tubular steel chassis, which in turn provides a lightweight, steel body that is practical for both indoor and outdoor applications. With its 43" x 48" deck bed, the B-125 is configured to have 360kg load capacity, which is ideal for carrying light loads and transporting individuals in various business environments.

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