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Taylor-Dunn offers a wide variety of industrial and ground-support tow tractors to meet demanding requirements in the factory and on the tarmac. Our tow tractors are engineered and manufactured to provide manoeuvrable, rugged, safe, and cost-effective service for demanding applications. Offered in gas, electric, diesel, and LPG configurations, Taylor-Dunn's tow tractors are the right solution for towing loads of up to 76 tonnes.

Products available in the Tow Tractors range include:


The Tiger Cub tow tractor has been completely redesigned to provide a compact, highly manoeuvrable solution for towing requirements demanding drawbar pull of 1,361kg – 2,268 kg.

The Tiger Cub is available with LPG or gasoline engines. Unitized fully welded steel frame, all-wheel suspension, extra low step height, and traction style tyres result in a tow tractor that will withstand harsh environments yet maintain operator comfort.


The TC-50E is an 80V AC powered electric tow tractor that has 1,361kg – 2,268 kg of drawbar pull. With its low profile and compact design, the TC-50E AC provides excellent visibility and ergonomics for optimal driving capability. The tractor provides steel unibody frame construction for durability and reliability.

This tractor is equipped with a Parallel Motor drive axle, 26.8hp motor, and travels at 24 kilometres per hour. Four-wheel hydraulic braking system and hydrostatic power steering coupled with 144-inch turning radius make this vehicle a highly manoeuvrable machine. The TC-50E is equipped with rear control buttons for inching up to intended loads.

E-455 GT

The E-455 tow tractor is designed for towing loads up to 4 tonnes on narrow and flat-level surfaces while providing operator comfort. Nothing in its class matches the power, manoeuvrability, and ergonomics of this rugged, dependable tow tractor.

The E-455 utilizes a 24V GT drive system equipped with a solid-state controller and a drive train incorporating a 5.7hp DC SEM motor, attached to an automotive differential to provide rugged and reliable service for years to come.

The large operator compartment, rear suspension and adjustable, cushioned seat provide for a more comfortable ride. The optional tilted, automotive steering adds to the ease of this vehicle’s operation.

C-426 AC

The new generation C4-26 AC builds on the reliable history of the original Huskey™. The Huskey™ II AC combines high-power towing in a compact manoeuvrable tow tractor, while maintaining operator comfort and safety.

The Huskey™ II AC comes equipped with many standard features for operator comfort, such as full 4-wheel suspension, remote lever to release the hitch, suspension seat, cushion grip steering wheel, and cup holder.

Additional standard features such as high-visibility driving position, lighting (headlight with dual brake, tail, and reverse lights), automatic parking brake, emergency stop switch, multifunction dash display, and full perimeter steel plate protection are provided for the safety of the driver and others.

Options allow configurations to meet various applications.

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