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Designed to meet the needs of unique outdoor applications, Taylor-Dunn's electric utility carts and electric utility vehicles offer practical solutions with optimal performance. Offering speeds reaching 40km/h and load capacities up to 1,360kg, Taylor-Dunn's electric utility vehicles will get the job done safely and quickly while reducing your operating and maintenance costs in the process.

Products available in the Utility Vehicles range include:


The G-100 is an outdoor gasoline-powered vehicle with dump box, large knobby tyres and high ground clearance perfect for schools, universities, nurseries, parks, or any other place where you need to move over rough terrain.

The G-100 is a 2-passenger vehicle which travels at speeds up to 40km/h, can hold 226kg of cargo, and can tow up to 680kg.

Bigfoot 3000

An addition to the BIGFOOT line of electric Comfort & Performance vehicles, the Bigfoot 3000 is a utility vehicle which competes with gasoline vehicles in outdoor applications.

Equipped with a 48V AC motor, our GT drive, and rack and pinion steering, this vehicle travels at 29km/h with a distance up to 64 kilometres.

Standard features include deluxe cab, load range E tyres, durable frame design, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes and heavy-duty drive train that ensures reliability and low maintenance costs.

ET-150 72V

The Electruck product line is designed to provide an electric alternative to your current fleet of full-sized utility pickup trucks.

Powered by an electric drive train, the ET-150 72V can reach speeds of up to 40km/h, while providing over 64 kilometres in range. A full-size deck provides over 4.16m³ of cargo space to carry loads of up to 680kg.

The Electruck, like all Taylor-Dunn vehicles, can be customized with cargo boxes, tool cabinets, ladder racks, etc., to meet your specific application needs.

Bigfoot XL

The new Bigfoot XL has ergonomic comfort, larger operator's compartment, hill climbing gusto, speeds of up to 29km/h, and all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

Equipped with a 17hp, 48V AC motor, GT drive, and rack and pinion steering, this electric utility vehicle will out-perform any other in its class.

Available customizations include deluxe cab, econo-cab, fold-away second seat, steel panel box, lockable cargo box, stake sides and aluminium drop-down sides.

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