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Forklift Designed for Precision Control

The ESC030-04AD three-wheel stand-up electric rider is versatile in performance and offers superb operator comfort and precision control.

With top-of-the-line components, well-designed ergonomics and exceptional manoeuvrability, it is highly productive in the dock and drive in/drive through rack applications.  The exclusive precision load positioning on incline capability allows operators to more precisely control the truck’s position while working on an incline, such as on a dock or trailer.  This all makes the ESC030-040AC excel in applications within retail distribution, food production, general warehousing, manufacturing and freight transport.

Designed for side-stance operation, this provides operators the flexibility of an angled stance with expanded hip room. Yale’s multifunction control handle with integral palm rest is comfortably operated with a bare or gloved hand.

Ergonomic and Productivity Features Include:

  • The multifunction display incorporates Yale iSi Technology, bringing a commonality between Yale warehouse products and how operators and technicians alike handle and service the truck.  It ties together functionality, software, diagnostic codes, similar interfaces, and is Yale Vision compatible.
  • The Yale mast and overhead guard provide exceptional visibility.  Large 18” drive tyres help smooth out the rider over expansion joints and dock boards.  Applying the best-in-class ergonomics, the Yale ESC030-040AC helps get the job done by reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.
  • The suspended Yale Smart Ride Floor System greatly reduces up to 65% of shocks and vibrations transmitted to the operator’s feet, back and legs from dock plates, expansion joints and other irregular floor surfaces.
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