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The Enclosed End Rider. A Truck That Gives You More.

When it comes to enclosed end riders, you want a truck that gives you more.  More dependability.  More productivity.  More comfort.  You asked us for a truck engineered for your most demanding cross-docking and transport applications.  You told us what you needed, and we heard you loud and clear.

The Yale 8,000-lb and 10,000-lb enclosed end riders are highly manoeuvrable.  Due to a tight turning radius, electric power steering and smart positioned undercarriage components, our enclosed end riders provide excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces and across dock plates.  A full 6” of lift height provides optimal clearance when manoeuvring around the dock.

Yale iSi Technology incorporates a common control system with consistent functionality across the warehouse product line.  The Integrated Smart Interface utilises the same software, diagnostic codes and functionality for the main warehouse trucks, creating commonality for user’s supervisors and service personnel.  The system offers full customisation to allow a user to properly match the trucks’ performance with the skill of the operator.

Ergonomic and Productivity Features Include:

  • To aid in stability, the MPR-VG model features a 4-point chassis.  Because the main driver unit is offset, the driver tyre, load-bearing dual caster wheel and two load wheels create a 4-point contact with the floor.  This improves operator confidence and helps keep loads level, boosting speed and productivity.
  • The MPR-VG is extraordinarily quick pace-setting, programable acceleration and travel speeds allow more loads to be moved per hour. A high-performance hydraulic system coupled with the advanced pallet entry-exit system produces outstanding cycle times.
  • With the Extended Shift features, you get to choose how hard your trucks work.  While using the Extended Shift feature, truck performance is tailored with energy efficiency in mind, so your truck can operate longer between battery charging.
  • The standard electric power steering provides adjustable steer effort and an adjustable steering lock to lock to suit the application.  The steer system is easy to maintain and efficient to service, helping reduce time.
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