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Ride-On Platform Pallet Trucks for Horizontal Transportation and Vehicle Loading/Offloading

There are three models in the MPX series to match intensive, medium- and light-duty operations.

The MP20XV is ideal for medium- and light-duty use while the MP20X has been designed for medium- to heavy-duty applications, and the MP20XD has been specifically developed for double-pallet handling capability in large-capacity trailer loading applications.

All three platform truck models are ideal for specific use in the following applications:

  • Logistics operations
  • Intensive vehicle and trailer charging and discharging
  • Cross docking and horizontal transport over medium to long distances
  • Order picking
  • Cold stores up to -30°C
  • Production line feed

Ergonomic Features:

  • A large cushioned operator platform with non-slip surface allows the operator to determine the most comfortable driving position throughout the shift
  • Foldable side arms provide the operator with maximum comfort and stability when manoeuvring
  • An ergonomic tiller head with angled hand grips and responsive low-effort ‘butterfly’ controls reduce stress and fatigue on the operator’s wrists, thumbs and fingers
  • Dual lift and lower controls are positioned for left- or right-hand use

Productivity Features:

  • Four pre-set performance levels can be selected to suit the application needs or the operator’s preference
  • The combination of the mast and the initial lift on the MP20XD model allows the transportation and stacking of two 1000kg loads simultaneously
  • Yale AC-DC MOSFET Combi Electronic Control Technology provides energy-efficient performance and low maintenance with 1000-hour service intervals
  • The MOSFET traction controller provides step-less progressive speed control, automatic release and regenerative braking and anti-rollback
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