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Optimising pallet storage and retrieval at very high levels in very narrow aisles.

The Yale MTC series is the perfect solution for applications requiring greater cube utilisation of the warehouse environment. Operating in very narrow aisles, the MTC series of very narrow aisle trucks allows the warehouse to increase its storage density while still allowing 100% selectivity and the ability to quickly and safely move high volumes.

The MTC series is capable of lifting to 17 metres. This series of VNA machines ensures that all usable space is utilised. Elevating the operator always provides exceptional visibility of the pallet and provides the operator with the ability to perform piece picking when required.

Standard on every Yale MTC is the speed to height to weight feature.  In operation, this means the fastest possible speed is calculated for the truck, based on the height of the cabin and the weight of the load.  With no load, extra speed is available, improving productivity.

Ergonomic Features:

  • An integrated large cushioned floor space absorbs vibration and discretely houses the operator-presence foot pedals, eliminating any potential trip hazard. Each pedal is approximately the size of an A5 sheet of paper. The pedals are always simply activated by the operator’s feet providing unrestricted freedom to find a comfortable operating position.
  • The operator has the choice to sit or stand in an ergonomic working environment with 3-way adjustable forward-mounted controls or seat-side joystick controls which can be positioned vertically or horizontally.
  • The top- and bottom-mounted turret head provides improved load handling and always increases visibility of the forks and pallet. Even in the lowered ground position the operator has full vision of both forks.

Productivity Features:

  • The ability to travel up to 12km/h in both rail- or wire-guided applications, together with the quick acceleration to top speed, makes the Yale MTC class-leading in productivity.
  • The integral pantograph mechanism in the turret head provides speedy and accurate pallet insertion into the racking aperture. It also provides improved side clearances when in travelling mode, which results in faster cycle times.
  • The patented hydraulic system enables the Yale MTC operator the ability to undertake simultaneous operations, for example the operator can traverse, rotate and operate the auxiliary lift whilst also lifting the cabin. This significantly improves the smoothness of any pallet retrieval and put-away as well as eliminating pauses in operation, improving productivity.
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