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Durable Motorised Hand Trucks

Performance and productivity are built into every Yale truck. The MPW is no exception. From the SEM traction control technology to the high-performance hydraulic system and integral lift pump motor control, this truck delivers state-of-the-art technology that adds to reliable performance.

What’s more, with its robotically-welded steel forks and frame and proven gearbox design, everything about this truck makes it a leader in 2.25-3.6-tonne walkie applications. Because every part is designed for strength, dependability and long wear, it’s also on the job more – exactly where you want your trucks and operators to be.

Not only is the MPW designed to require less maintenance, it’s also designed to be extremely easy to service. No tools are required to remove the compartment cover to access the vital components – it is held on by spring clips. These trucks were designed with the smallest service details in mind, but there is nothing small about the service access these trucks provide. In fact, its maximum access makes servicing fast, easy and convenient. It’s the new standard in truck serviceability from Yale.

Four performance modes allow the operator to control and tailor truck performance based on application. Always made with the operator in mind, the MPW series features innovative ergonomic technology like the bottom-mounted handle, which optimises the operating position and increases the walk-behind clearance.

Ergonomic and Productivity Features Include:

  • Superior manoeuvrability – can turn inside a trailer
  • Power and efficiency are key to the outstanding performance of the motorized hand pallet truck
  • From the SEM traction control technology to the high-performance hydraulic system and integral hoist control, the MPW series delivers state-of-the-art technology
  • Low profile – operator can see the fork tips for pallet entry
  • Top batteries swing out for fast fill or check
  • The Auto Deceleration System (ADS) eliminates the need to manually apply a service break for slowdown
  • A simplified electric system features a transistorised drive controller with integrated hoist control that is easily programmed, and features built-in diagnostics
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